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2016 S1 MKTG1045 Lecture 3 - To print.pptx - MKTG1045...

Group ProjectBy the end of this week, you need to be in a group and have the readthe assignment sheet.Qualtrics:Survey creation software.Make sure you can access it.;ID=yn56678tzjmk1SPSS program:Business Statistics taught you statistical tests (e.g., t-test, Chi-square test) by hand and in Excel.We will teach you how to do these in SPSS:See guide on BlackboardMake sure you can access it via MyDesktop2
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AgendaRecap: Lecture 2Research processResearch designsProblem definitionSecondary dataChapter 4Data mining and predictive modellinRECAPYou should remember from last week’s lecture:What are the six (6) steps of the research process?Why is problem definition is so important?What is the difference between a symptom and aresearch problem?What are the three (3) research designs?Describe the key characteristics of eachKnow when you should use each one

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