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Do I Really Have A VIRUS on my PC?

Do I Really Have A VIRUS on my PC?

2 days ago I tried to download something. The application started working and I had a bad feeling about it because it looked suspicious. I clicked "close" and then suddenly it started installing even without asking permission from the firewall. I checked the profile of the person that uploaded the file and he has a lot of good feedback. Then I scanned for viruses and didn't find anything. The next day, nothing was detected either. But 2 days after, AVG Anti Virus keeps telling me that it detects adware even though my browser is not on. So it removes it but after a few minutes it detects another adware. It happened already 3 times and my computer is on for only 1 hour. Do I have a virus that can't be removed?

Megha 18-Apr-2020

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