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1.Where is most of the worlds freshwater located in ice and snow underground in the form of groundwater

1.Where is most of the world's freshwater located? ice and snow

b.underground in the form of groundwater lakes the atmosphere rivers

2.How much of the world's water is freshwater?





e.less than 3%

3.Which of the following is responsible for most consumptive water use?


b.municipal water use




4.When river water is used for households, what category of water use is that?

a.instream; nonconsumptive

b.instream; consumptive

c.offstream; nonconsumptive

d.offstream; consumptive

e.instream and offstream; consumptive and nonconsumptive

5.What does the term mining mean in the context of groundwater resources?

a.refers to hand dug vertical water wells

b.refers to horizontal mine shafts excavated to tap water from the interior of a mountain

c.refers to separating out minerals from groundwater by chemical solution

d.refers to the situation where water is taken out of the ground faster than it is replaced

e.refers to quanats in the Middle East

6.What do the terms oligotrophic, mesotrophic, and eutrophic refer to?

a.nutrient levels in lakes

b.severity of catastrophic events in nature

c.depth of groundwater resources

d.types of consumptive water use

e.classes of groundwater based on origin

7.What is a "water witch," also known as a "dowser"?

a.a female spiritualist who likes to drop water balloons on hapless victims

b.a type of insect that is able to land on the surface of a pond who claims to be able to locate groundwater using "divining rods"

d.a well-drilling device that drills or witches its way into the ground

e.a device for hydraulic mining for gold and gem stones

8.What is a rock or soil mass that lacks permeability by definition called?






9.Which of the following is a general name for a rock or soil mass that contains producible water for a water well?






10.Which of the following refers to the level underground below which all open spaces are filled with water? of aeration

b.capillary fringe

c.water table

d.pressure head


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