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10 of your final module mark is via one essay assignment The length of this should be 3000 words not including references Submit your essay assignment via Blackboard

100% of your final module mark is via one essay assignment. The length of this should be 3000 words, not including references. Submit your essay assignment via Blackboard. Your essay assignment must:
1) Be approximately 3000 words, excluding your reference(s) at the end. The policy of +-10% applies (in other words, the absolute maximum number of words permissible is 3300, not including the references at the end).
2) Be set in 12 point Times New Roman font.
3) Be single-spaced.
4) Include the number of words just under the title.
5) Have a title.
6) Below your title, have your student ID number.
7) If you wish to quote (cite) direct text from an article or book, then you must place the exact words in quotation marks, and immediately after this, provide the author surname, date and page number. You must write, for example: Some have argued that although human beings have sought progress, they have achieved mainly destruction, desolation, misery (Mayo, 1949: 3). Failure to use quotation marks and provide exact page references is one of the most serious academic offences. This is because it is dishonest, and involves stealing the words of others and treating them as your own. Taking the words or ideas of others as your own is called plagiarism, and is subject to the most serious penalties at the University, up to and including exclusion from the University. We will discuss plagiarism in lectures, but what you should know now is: dont even think about it! It is better to get zero for not submitting than to copy and suffer the worst possible consequences.
8) Following your text you should provide a heading (bold 12 point Times New Roman) that says References
9) Usually it is best to follow the Harvard system of referencing, but any widely accepted style of referencing is acceptable so long as it is APPLIED CONSISTENTLY. Outline Janis concept of groupthink. Drawing on examples, discuss why this concept is so widely used today. Emotional intelligence is important for certain roles in specific organizations. Discuss this statement, using examples to illustrate your answer. What, according to Bass, is transformational leadership? Illustrating your answer with examples, discuss whether the advantages of transformational leadership outweigh the risks. Outline Foucaults view of disciplinary power and the panopticon. Is Foucaults view relevant to modern organizations and society, and, if so, where, and it what ways? writer team Do not sign the same writer in one school . MUST sign the high level top 10 writer now give me quality paper .100% make sure pass . Add the proof double check. Must check all additional chao and link the my all additional file and download all of them read one by one . Upload the outline in 24 hours for my meeting and Please send draft for this order within 48 hours.Extend revision timeframe to 30 days as per terms and conditions Follow instructions and no extension for deadline . 100% original, low than 5% similarity rate

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