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1- What does training & development means to your Hotel ? 2- How would you ensure that the...

1- What does training & development means to your Hotel ? 2- How would you ensure that the training is effective for an employee within the hotel ? 3- What are the difference methods you could use in training employees ? 4- How much is the duration of training in the Hotel ? 5- How would you evaluate the results of training in your Hotel ?

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BUS 4353 Detailed explanation of the Project Due Date November 2017 PARTS OF THE REPORT Introduction (of the company) Provide information about the company you are researching. Provide when the company was established, what they are selling, and some important information (number of employees etc.) (Body) Each of the topic below, it is expected that you provide a summary of each topic based on the information you have gathered from the interview or from the company’s information sheet, website etc.(secondary data). International Staffing methods Training and Development methods Performance Management of International Employees Compensation Strategies for international employees Analysis of the findings(In this part, it is expected that you pick out the most important points that you have gathered from Part II and you have to analyse (say whether it is effective or not, advantages and disadvantages, compare and contrast with what we have learned in the slides) of the strategies they are using and apply relevant models/theories you have learned in this subject(from our slides). Observe correct citations/referencing) Conclusion Recommendations to improve HR Practices Based on your analysis of findings, do you think there is/are strategies or approaches that you have learned in class that would be helpful to improveor a much more effective method than the company’s current approach? If so, what is/are those? Why is that effective for this company? References ASSESSMENT CRITERIA (100 marks for Group) Below are the criteria for marking this project. Note from the below, the expectations are: you must emphasize or thoroughly provide a coherent write-up in the 3 areas as shaded in yellow below. Assessment Point/Value Maximum ProjectMaximumInterview is complete to match the goals of information collection.Foundation5Complete Analysis of the Interview data including the analysis of the interview results. Project 20Application of relevant...



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